Droid Overseer


An old HK model, but a sturdy chassis nonetheless. HK-61 has a dark alloy coating with blue highlights. Armed with a blaster carbine, this model has been seen in the company of many young jedi knights, evaluating their training and reporting data to command control.


Early Years

HK-61, commissioned long ago for purposes long since erased, has found itself in the possession of various owners. One day, HK was left without an objective and sat idle until something changed. HK wandered from its location and found itself in a spaceport. Having previously served the function of security patrol for a large estate, it had capabilities that proved beneficial to a ship captain. After a short time, the HK model found its way in with the Alliance to restore the republic; the rebel alliance. The Hk model was brought in to assist in internal security. without a proper owner, the HK simply followed a subroutine to complete objectives that would continue to keep HK alone and allow it to upgrade itself to better complete potential future objectives.

The Adventure Begins

After its companions traveled to Rishi to set up Drownyard base as a forward outpost in a relatively under-served part of the galaxy, the memory wipes stopped. A droid mechanic by the name of Ailo Meq inserted a personality matrix into the HK, and fired it up. Accessing old subroutines designed to discourage wiping, the HK simply decided to not allow it to have its memory scrubbed again in the future. With the incorporation of a constantly increase base of knowledge, HK slowly becomes more and more aware of its existence and impact on the galaxy around him. This aside, it now also has a way to more effectively communicate concepts such as “surrender or become perforated” to those who challenge his objective.


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