Star Wars: Force and Destiny


For weeks now Winnat, Diba, Blitz, and HK-61 have been working to assimilate into Rishi life. Making themselves a known fixture in the lives of the natives. To aid in their efforts, they’ve been living in a rented room from the local inn and cantina.

From that room they’ve been going out, helping the town, getting to know the residents, and acting in conjunction with the local authorities and the mayor to keep peace between the town and the spacer’s port.

Their most tenacious problem is a ring of black market smugglers that have been introducing spice and glitterstim into the local population. A lot of legwork has led to this point in time. They began by tracking down and taking out the dealers, tracing them back to their suppliers, and then working to find their distribution plants.

Working together with Mayor Ruk Slaag, a burly Togruta, and his human sherriff Mira Kalu, Diba, Winnat, Blitz, and HK prepare to lead a raid on one of the last standing distribution warehouses.



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