Diba Ailuzz

Force Mystic


Diba’s natural Force talents were discovered early on in her life, and she spent much of her childhood learning what she could about the Force and attempting to hone her natural skills, for the most part blissfully unaware of the greater troubles brewing outside her cloistered settlement.

She was thus able to explore what she would later on learn to be the Cosmic Force, and its interactions with the Living Force. After learning all she could at home, she set off on a pilgrimage, along with her childhood friend Winnat, to discover what more could be discovered.

Diba’s thirst for knowledge of the many different ways of the Force borders on obsessive (or perhaps is well on the other side of obsessive), because she wants to understand as much of it as Nautilanly possible.

Recently, she built her lightsaber!

Diba Ailuzz

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