Blitz Stattyn

Ace Rigger

  • Backstory:

The Jedi have always been a part of Blitz’s life. His own father served the Republic alongside Darrin Arkanian—one of the only known Sullustan Jedi Masters. During the Clone War his father—Boss Stattyn—served as Darrin’s personal mechanic and pilot for dozens of missions. Giving birth to Blitz was his mother’s final action as she died in childbirth. In his early, early years he grew up as a mascot of sorts amongst the other mechanics. It may take a village to raise a child, but a squadron’s worth of raucous pilots and mechanics isn’t quite what the proverb had in mind.

During the last days of the Clone Wars, Emperor Palpatine issued Order 66. The Jedi were under direct attack. In a heated battle alongside Jedi Generals Obi-wan Kenobi and Anankin Skywalker wherein they were protecting , Darrin suffered a near fatal injury at the hands of Count Dooku. Missing a leg, Boss carried his Jedi friend to his battered old HWK-290 ship. When he was almost to the bay doors, the ship next to the Dark Knight was hit and bits of shrapnel tore through Boss’s chest. Darrin crawled to the cockpit and vowed to take care of his friend’s toddling son.

Now orphaned, Blitz was without a home and Darrin was to go into hiding. Darrin Arkanian placed him in the care of his sister Dawn. It wasn’t much better, but it was what he could manage. Dawn was an undercover slaver that spent much of her time with the Republic buying slaves only to drop them off as freeman on Alliance safeworlds. She taught Blitz the ins and outs of pilots and showed him basic ship maintenance skills. As soon as he was old enough, Dawn “got” him a HWK-290 that had seen much better days. She never told him that it was his father’s old ship, and he spent much of his youth tinkering and repairing that old bird.

When he came of age, she laid out the whole story: Boss, Darrin, the Black Knight… All of it. She also told him that her brother was still out there. Somewhere. Probably under an assumed identity. Blitz was seized with a zeal unlike any he’d known before. He had to avenge his father. He had to do as much damage to the Empire as possible. He would restore the Jedi Order. Or… He would die trying.

Blitz Stattyn

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