Star Wars: Force and Destiny


For weeks now Winnat, Diba, Blitz, and HK-61 have been working to assimilate into Rishi life. Making themselves a known fixture in the lives of the natives. To aid in their efforts, they’ve been living in a rented room from the local inn and cantina.

From that room they’ve been going out, helping the town, getting to know the residents, and acting in conjunction with the local authorities and the mayor to keep peace between the town and the spacer’s port.

Their most tenacious problem is a ring of black market smugglers that have been introducing spice and glitterstim into the local population. A lot of legwork has led to this point in time. They began by tracking down and taking out the dealers, tracing them back to their suppliers, and then working to find their distribution plants.

Working together with Mayor Ruk Slaag, a burly Togruta, and his human sherriff Mira Kalu, Diba, Winnat, Blitz, and HK prepare to lead a raid on one of the last standing distribution warehouses.

Force and Destiny, Chapter VI
Blitz has a bad day

The group has been tasked with establishing who might be interested in joining the rebel alliance on Rishi in a covert operation into the residential areas of the planet near the spaceport, but it required special passes (to be obtained by their new handler, Salil). After searching through the Port and Storm and Marketplace, the team only found a few people who might be possible candidates for the alliance. Initially, the group has been split, and immediately Winnat finds trouble in the Port and Storm, getting punched in the face by an angry Trandoshan. He did, however, overhear an interesting conversation. Following this, He and Diba headed to the marketplace. Diba followed a strange lady into the back of a shop, and a decision is made; the jedi are led down stairs into the bowels of the building. Diba read much lore on the old Jedi order, and Winnat finds a crystal for a lightsaber as if it called to him.
Blitz has had a bad afternoon. After having an argument with the port master, he finally fixes the disabled ship, HAWK, and takes it out of town only to discover that the autopilot was misaligned. This meant that he had to set down outside of the town in some trees, and leave the HK-61 to guard the ship while he heads to the Port and Storm to get drunk.
Meanwhile on the orders of Diba, HK started to track and follow the movements of the spacer after she left the port and storm during his guard duty.. It watched as the spacer went into a ship in the spaceport. HK then disables the HAWK and heads to the marketplace after being pinged by the group.
When informed about the droid parts dealer, HK went with Winnat to see about parts. The dealer installed a personality matrix/motivator making HK sarcastic and abrasive, yet resourceful. The group developed learned about contacts that would be valuable to the Alliance, but did not move on them in accordance with Salil’s operation guidelines. On their way out of town, Salil stopped the group and informed them that the passes they needed for the residential area had been obtained, and that they were now to go on their first mission on Rishi outside of establishing the base.

Force and Destiny, Chapter V
Diba gets a lightsaber

Being a part of the Alliance forces 2nd Regiment “Pathfinders” is no easy task. Diba, Blitz, and HK-61 surveyed their new outpost. Finding the remnants of an old battle, Blitz took to salvaging what he could find while Diba used her powers to assist HK in placing sensor arrays around the small island they now called home. Some points of interest they noticed was the wildlife of the small island seemed to remain in and around a small jungle they named the Forester Jungle. The wing of the old cruiser under which the small hut resides contains plenty of salvageable technology that will be useful in the alliances push against the empire. Diba seemed to be at home and at peace on the island, feeling the force flow strong through her. In a vision, she saw the base as a strong position for the Alliance in the future.
Returning back to the base, the three waited in anticipation for their comrade, Winnit, to return to the base and prepare for the next mission from Commander Trellik.

The Story So Far

New Rebellion Recruits Diba and Winnat have been going on trial missions for the Alliance under the watchful gaze of HK-61. Meanwhile, Blitz was on a mission of his own.

The first saw the duo investigating an old Clone Wars Era Arquitens Cruiser for salvageable fighters. There Winnat and Diba uncovered a mystery involving Jedi students and artifacts from Ossus. Diba acquired the crystal of a Jedi Master, and they both succeeded not only in restoring to Jedi fighters, but also the reactivation of the Arquitens cruiser, scoring a major win for the Rebellion.

After their victory, they were sent to the surface of Ziost to further investigate the fate of the Jedi from the wrecked cruiser. While on the planet they survived harsh conditions and extreme mental fatigue while learning of the Jedi’s tragic fate. There they faced an ancient terror and barely lived to tell the tale.

Following such a near fatal mission, Rebellion Command tabled the investigation in favor of reuniting Winnat and Diba with Blitz, and setting them on a lightly manned Imperial Outpost where their goal was to infiltrate and extract Hyperspace patrol lane information. Showing remarkable ingenuity and tact, they made it all of the way to the memory banks of the outpost before raising any alert and then made it out before any force could be organized against them.


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