The Prevailing Force

Winnat and Diba grew up together in a small, cloistered settlement on their aquatic homeworld of Glee Anselm. It was there that they were sequestered in order to practice their natural force abilities away from the prying eyes of the Empire. While Diba gave herself to the greater workings of the Cosmic Force and how it influenced the Living Force, Winnat grew up on the stories of Jedi bravery and their quest to bring peace and justice to the galaxy. These stories reinforced Winnat’s mistrust in the Empire until it evolved into a deep-seated loathing.

Once they were of age, Diba and Winnat left Glee Anselm on a quest for greater understanding of the force and the galaxy around them. It was soon apparent, however, that their philosophies differed too greatly for them to continue on the same path. Diba began a pilgrimage to learn of the different schools of force users while Winnat began to search for any remaining Jedi Temples in order to gather enough relics and teachings to someday help the Jedi Order begin again.

On a hunt for the remains of a Jedi Archive on Corellia, Winnat ran afoul of the Imperial Security Bureau. During a pitched battle between him and two ISB agents, an explosion rocked the area. Using the distraction to break from the engagement, Winnat ran for the nearest alley. It was there he ran almost headlong into Blitz, a suspicious looking Sullustan that was making a break for it as well. Seeing that Blitz seemed to know where to go, Winnat dashed after him until he made it back to the Sullustan’s getaway ship, a battered grey HWK-290. Scrambling in without invitation and ducking blaster fire, Winnat hitched a ride with his accidental ally.

After a tense ride back to a rebellion safe house, Blitz informed Winnat that he almost ruined his operation. Realizing the scope of what Blitz was trying to achieve and that he found someone who shared his ire towards the Empire, he revealed himself as a force sensitive, and his goals of restoring the Jedi. Blitz, eager to finally have such a link to his past and family, grilled Winnat for information about the Jedi, what he was doing on Corellia, and what he gathered of the old Jedi order. Thus began a partnership and the first formings of the group.

Diba, on the other hand, was content in her pilgrimage and learned many things of the force on her journeys. Where Winnat saw the Dark and the Light, she saw all of the shades in between. A complexity that relying on a single set of teachings did a disservice to. After years of wandering and studying, a vision came to her. On the planet of Dantooine, a great boon would be found and a new journey would be set for her. Heading out with a new purpose, she booked commercial travel for Dantooine immediately, excited for what the Force had in store for her.

Catching word of an ancient Jedi Enclave that existed at one point on Dantooine, Winnat and Blitz were heading in that direction as well. A convergence was about to occur.

It was amidst the dust and rubble of the old Jedi Enclave that Diba and Winnat met for the first time in 5 years. Excited, surprised, and confused, Winnat greeted Diba with mixed emotions exacerbated by the fact that Diba wasn’t nearly as surprised as she ought to be. Now a party of 3, they continued their search of the old enclave in search of hidden knowledge and past learning. Each heeded the call of the force and came to find a holocron, buried amidst the refuse of the old world. Knowing that her search had come to an end and a new journey was about to begin, Diba returned to Winnat and his curious Sullustan companion just as a group of stormtroopers on a routine patrol caught sight of them.

On the run, the group was now three and as they escaped in Blitz’s freighter, Diba felt for the first time in years that she was right where she needed to be.

After these fledgling members of the Rebellion united, they were put under the care of an old HK unit, recently reactivated after years or abandonment. Tasked with safeguarding the Alliance to Restore the Republic, HK-61 was to accompany Winnat, Diba, and Blitz on their missions to evaluate their progress and help place them within the ranks of the Alliance.

The time when they find their place in the galaxy is fast approaching…

Star Wars: Force and Destiny

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